It’s our birthday! 6 years ago today we established TMCS to support voluntary sector organisations to get to grips with the, as then, brave new world of competitive tendering. Since then we have trained and supported hundreds of individuals and organisations to submit winning tenders worth £ hundreds of millions. Over 600 people have attended our training courses and around 280 organisations have submitted winning bids with our assistance, winning contracts worth over £300 million.

The world has moved on in that 6 years. Bidding competitively to win contracts has become the norm and organisations are much more switched on to the process than they used to be. This means that the quality of tenders has increased and competition is tougher than ever.

Many organisations know that having an expert as part of your bid team can make the difference between a good bid and an excellent bid, ensuring you score the extra few points that often make the difference between coming first and coming nowhere.

With a better than 80% success rate, TMCS really are the only people to turn to, to give your charity or social enterprise the best possible chance of winning your tender and securing that must win contract.