Sometimes the only way to compete for a contract is as a partnership or consortium. This brings with it a number of challenges. For providers the challenges are those of ensuring equity and mutual accountability through agreeing consortium structures and arrangements that are fair and open.

For the procuring authority the challenge is all about achieving excellence and economy in delivery and being assured that the consortium is; robust enough to stay the distance, reliable enough to fulfil the contract and is regulated and run effectively. For them it’s all about having the confidence to invest a multi-provider consortium that operates in a professional and purposeful manner.

This workshop will provide you with a step by step guide to consortium formation; exploring the organisational challenges and practical aspects of successful collaboration; equipping you with a comprehensive grounding in the principles and technical aspects of partnership and consortium working  and enabling a more informed approach to bidding as a provider consortium.

In this workshop we cover…

  • Analysing the bid and the business case for building a consortium
  • Understanding what makes for a successful partnership or consortium
  • Appraising different types of partnership or consortium working
  • Identifying challenges to partnership or consortium formation
  • Evaluating which partnership or consortium model to develop
  • Exploring internal contractual and financial management models
  • Structuring a viable partnership or consortium agreement