There is a trend in public sector tendering toward bigger aggregated contracts that require providers to have both the capacity to deliver multiple services and the range and reach to deliver to wider geographical county wide, sub-regional or regional services. For many providers the only viable approach to competing for large scale area wide contracts is to work in partnership with other providers.

TMCS are highly experienced in guiding providers through the complicated process of forming a provider consortium. We work with prospective consortium members on selecting and building the best consortium model.

This may involve setting up an informal structure regulated by a consortium agreement or establishing a formal consortium as a new legal entity with governance structures and a membership prospectus. We then work on shaping a bid which emphasises and evidences the collaborative advantages and cost effectiveness the consortium offer both commissioners and clients.

So whether you need to shape up a consortium for your next bidding opportunity or you have identified consortium working as key strategic solution to future sustainability; we have the experience and expertise to help. 

We also offer training in consortium building that complements our support.