The Public Services Social Value Act 2012 and the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, compel public sector agencies in England to require providers to evidence how in delivering contracts they will make a meaningful measureable contribution to local social, economic value.

It’s no longer sufficient for not for profit providers to rest on their social purpose laurels. Social value is not implied by the fact that the provider belongs to a particular sector. Rather public bodies now require providers to present a coherent, realistic, relevant and evidenced social value proposition

Implementation of Act and Regulations is gathering pace and research evidences that presenting an outstanding Social Value offer is fast emerging as key bid winning differentiator; one that has potential to enable local providers to out compete external competition from the bigger nationals.

This workshop will equip you to develop a unique social value proposition resulting in improved tender scores in an aspect of tendering overlooked by many competitors. So it’s time to get your Social Value act together and our training is a very good place to make that start.

In this workshop we cover…

  • Understanding PSSVA 2012 and PCR 2015
  • Defining Social Value
  • Mapping your Social Value offer
  • Improving your Social Value proposition  
  • Creating a Social Value Policy and Strategy
  • Developing a bid specific Social Value Proposition
  • Evidencing Social Value outcomes and impact