We know what public sector evaluators demand in terms of compliance, competence and cost competitiveness of a prospective providers. With an understanding of your capacity and local context and the competition you are facing we can give you a good idea of your chances of landing the contract. We can help you with a tender readiness diagnostic and by running a Bid No Bid exercise. Importantly if our analysis reveals that you are not ready or not competitive we will tell you so and show you what you need to shape up for the tender. Remember every provider has to start somewhere and once you have a win under your belt it's easier to secure more wins; so stay positive.
It all depends on the scale and complexity of the PQQ or ITT. Some are relatively straightforward and others are very comprehensive. Many PQQs run to 30 pages and drill down into every aspect of compliance. Others are fairly short and focus on essential elements. Some ITTs require as few as 8 short Method Statement responses amounting to 1500- 2000 words in total. Whilst other run to 60 responses and 20,000 words. Whilst the size and scale of the contract does have a bearing on the scale of the PQQ or ITT often even with the relatively low value contracts the PQQS and ITT are lengthy and detailed. So the answer is anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.
If you have made a good job of the drafts and have included all relevant information then our task is made more straightforward. That said as with writing a full PQQ or Tender much depends on the scale and detail and the number and word volume of the Method Statements. If the material you provide is really good we can move the job on quite quickly; if you provide us with an outline with sketchy information it will take us it will take us a more time to shape up a high scoring submission. Either way we work hard to turn around your work in the shortest possible time; mindful that every PQQ or Tender is running against a deadline; and we haven't missed on yet.
Our standard daily rate for tendering support services is £600 plus VAT. Thinking back to the previous questions about how long things take it's important to keep in mind that our experience and know how enables us to we work really efficiently and to get a lot done in a day and so we really are a value for money outfit. Perhaps as importantly as what it costs are the benefits that come from having your own expert bid team in your corner. Compared to the cost of redeploying senior staff from their key roles and the cost of not winning the cost-benefits of outsourcing this critical mission soon stack up.