Although the amount of grant funding available to organisations has been greatly reduced in recent years, there are still opportunities to support your organisation by securing additional income from grants.

However the competition for grants is greater than ever and only the most thoroughly researched, properly constructed, well written and presented bids are likely to be successful. Writing winning grant applications in this highly competitive environment requires the same disciplined and structured approach as producing winning tenders.

Successful grant applications have to be

  • Targeted at the right funders
  • Tailored to meet their specific criteria
  • Evidence based, to demonstrate a clear need for services being proposed
  • Timed to fit in with their decision making processes and timescales
  • Professionally written and presented
  • Realistic, providing solutions with a high likelihood of achieving outcomes
  • Costed to demonstrate value for money

As experienced 3rd sector professionals, our team has extensive success in writing winning grant applications. We are also experienced grant assessors for a range of grant giving bodies, so we know what assessors are looking for and can share our insights with you.

We can support you in

  • Creating a service specification and design that meets the funder’s criteria
  • Researching and gathering evidence to support your bid
  • Producing high scoring responses that increase your chances of success
  • Presenting the information in an easily understood,  reader-friendly style