Increasingly providers are being required to deliver presentations in support of their tender offer. For many the prospect of delivering a presentation is a daunting one, especially when it represents the final and potentially most important stage in the tendering process. So mastering these skills is essential.

We have coached many organisations in developing and delivering excellent presentations; equipping presenters with an understanding of the key features of effective information packed presentations that propel submissions over the winning line. So if you need to polish up your presentation skills and become a more professional advocate of your service offer, then this workshop is for you.

In this workshop we cover….

  • Taking the first steps to becoming a good presenter
  • Controlling nerves and dealing with common fears
  • Speaking more confidently in front of an audience
  • Structuring effective presentations; the rule of three
  • Understanding the information needs of different audiences
  • Producing professional presentations; visuals and Powerpoint
  • Planning and rehearsing; working to prompts and keeping to time