The transition from funding with Service Level Agreements to Contracts presents many challenges. Contracts mean stable revenue but demand a highly disciplined approach to performance, quality, best value and risk management.

Public sector procurement is risk averse; evaluators need to be confident that you have effective quality and performance management, evaluation and monitoring and reporting processes in place to support the contract. This workshop is all about equipping you with an understanding of public sector contracting agencies’ contract management requirements and of best practice methodologies that will provide evaluators with confidence in your capacity to implement an effective contract performance management framework.

In this workshop we cover ….

  • Managing transition from Grants / SLAs to Contract / Deliverables
  • Understanding contractual terms and conditions and contract legals
  • Analysing and managing contract risk; avoiding potential pitfalls
  • Demonstrating robust processes for managing contract performance
  • Clarifying deliverables and aligning delivery with contract requirements
  • Handling contractual negotiations, disputes and contract variations
  • Defining, Monitoring, Measuring, Evidencing and Reporting on Deliverables