Providing the support you need….

We often encounter providers for whom tackling a tender is critical to the long term viability of their organisation, with the added pressure of compressed tendering timescales and submission deadlines. It is a tough call, and one for which they are not fully equipped.

After all tendering is not something that most managers do on a day to day basis. Often the anxiety induced results in delays in making a start and then a rush into writing up answers by filling up the response boxes with vast amounts of text; leaving the evaluator with the arduous job of making sense of a confused and disjointed bid narrative.   

There is however a better way………  

A recent Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply survey demonstrated that as providers become more adept at tendering, winning tender margins are narrowing with 3%-5% being typical of the difference between winning and losing a contract. The providers that win tenders adopt a systematic approach to tender production and a structured approach to crafting winning responses.

With competition this fierce, bringing in an expert team to supplement your in-house capacity makes a lot of sense and that is where TMCS can make the difference.

We offer a comprehensive suite of tendering support services enabling us to provide you with a tailored tendering support package.

For some clients this involves providing full Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) or invitation to Tender (ITT) production support

  • Setting up and coordinating a tender production schedule
  • Initial capture and answer planning
  • Drafting and finalising method statements
  • Final edit and document review ahead of uploading the final submission

For others our remit is to review and revise draft responses. By applying our advanced proposal mapping techniques and bid writing skills we elevate the responses into high scoring method statements; creating comprehensive professionally presented, logically sequenced informative and evidenced responses that makes their tenders stand out from their competition.


Services TMCS Offer

Tendering Writing and Tendering Support

Writing tenders is an exercise in technical authorship, requiring a range of skills to write concise and informative responses with clarity and confidence. Our experts have mastered the craft of proposal mapping and positive... read more >>


Tender Reviews and Improvement Planning

Learning from past bid performance is critical to developing winning ways. We work with providers to review previous PQQ and ITT submissions; analysing areas of compliance or communication where development is needed... read more >>


Tender Readiness Diagnostics

This service provides clients both new to tendering and about to re-tender with the opportunity to audit their systems and processes and procedures against public sector contracting benchmarks... read more >>


Tender Toolkits

Passing PQQs is reliant upon evidencing compliance across an extensive range of policies, procedures and management, performance and quality systems, audits, and external accreditations... read more >>


Consortium Formation and Bidding

There is a trend in public sector tendering toward bigger aggregated contracts that require providers to have both the capacity to deliver multiple services and the range and reach to deliver to wider geographical county wide, sub-regional or regional services... read more >>


Grant applications

Although the amount of grant funding available to organisations has been greatly reduced in recent years, there are still opportunities to support your organisation by securing additional income from grants... read more >>