Passing PQQs is reliant upon evidencing compliance across an extensive range of policies, procedures and management, performance and quality systems, audits, and external accreditations.

Writing winning Tenders is all about evidencing quality and performance claims and providing recent relevant data and documentation demonstrating your capability to deliver excellent service.

Many providers have supporting documentation stored in disparate multiple files and folders held by staff across the organisation. They struggle with locating and collating the evidence required to support PQQs and Tenders. This often results in delays in accessing, collating and processing information for the efficient timely production of PQQs and Tenders against deadlines.

It is far better to invest effort and resources into in collating, reviewing and refreshing critical supporting documentation well ahead of PQQ and Tender submissions. This can halve the work involved in producing the PQQ, improving quality at the same time as reducing pressure.

Our solution is to work with providers ahead of PQQs and Tenders to build a Tender Toolkit in the form of a centralised PQQ and Tender Archive that houses key documentation. Once built, the Tender Toolkit enables rapid access to every document that providers are likely need when submitting PQQs or Tenders. Building a Tender Toolkit saves time and effort and avoids submitting sub-standard documentation that undermines the credibility of the bids and enables providers to focus their efforts on creating an excellent winning bid.

In building Tender Toolkits we work with providers to audit policy, document and data banks to verify that all relevant information is correct, compliant and current. In practice this involves reviewing policies and procedures to ensure alignment with legislative and good practice standards and collating evidence of a consistent, corporate approach to ensuring excellence in service delivery.

A comprehensive Tender Toolkit also houses evidence that supports your quality and performance claims made in the PQQ or Tender. Claims without evidence, amount to rhetoric and gain no marks from evaluators. Whereas claims supported by verifiable quality and performance KPIs from previous delivery, service-user testimonials, client and stakeholder satisfaction survey data, external inspection reports and case studies provide evaluators with the evidence they need to award high PQQ and Tender scores with confidence.