It’s a tough old world out there and it’s getting tougher by the day. The competition between providers is intensifying and wining margins are narrowing. Public sector agencies are continually raising the bar and  demanding increased performance within tight budgetary constraints.  

Since Providers can’t manage the market or control their competition their only option is to raise their own game and to competing more effectively.

At TMCS we focus on enabling you to responding positively to a challenging market environment by improving your value proposition and tendering performance and all importantly by helping the Evaluator to evaluate your proposal positively and award you maximum tender scores.

By following some simple rules you can improve your tenders.. so here are some top tips…

Remember that PQQs are pass or fail and Tenders are win or lose and that you won’t get a second chance; so getting it right first time is essential.  So apart from being a compliant provider with a decent track record in delivery it would be helpful to understand what evaluators want to see in an outstanding bid.

Luckily the Chartered Institutive of Purchasing and Supply, the procurement professionals’ membership body, has surveyed its members so we know what they like and what it is in a bids that turns them off, and here is what they said.

They like providers who…

  • Follow the instructions of the PQQ / ITT.
  • Understand what the buyer actually wants.
  • Answer the questions that the buyer has set.
  • Propose a tailored, buyer focused added value solution.
  • Skip the sales pitch and evidence their performance claims
  • Communicate their offer in a clear, coherent and concise way.

They don’t like…

  • Proposals that are wordy.
  • Poorly presented proposals.
  • Weak or vague responses to questions.
  • Performance claims without evidence.
  • Unproven approaches to the service specification.

So with this in mind you will need to put your Evaluators head on and make sure your bid is the one that will impress the Evaluator and here are a few pointers about how to achieve this in every bid you submit.

Here are some proven techniques for producing high scoring tenders…

Avoid treating a bid as an extended corporate CV wasting time on telling them about how wonderful your organisation is. Remember it’s not all about you and so Instead focus the proposal on the buyer’s and end users’ requirements.

Appraise the marking scheme if you like and prioritise effort on those aspects of the bid that will attract the highest number of marks, but tenders are won at the margins and a better way is to afford effort to every one of the responses

Analyse the competition and understand their strengths and weaknesses; but don’t write the bid with the competitor in the front of your mind, instead focus on and emphasise your own strengths and highlight your own uniqueness.

Avoid ‘look-at-me’ rhetoric such as market leading, world class that merely wax lyrical about how good you are. Unless you can back your reputational or performance claims with real evidence drop the hype and focus on the facts.

Align the order in which to present your information with that specified in the PQQ or Tender instructions and sequence your information to the question and provide clear and logical responses. If the Evaluator has to hunt for material; you’ve failed at the first fence. It was your job to create an ordered organised proposal and if you can’t follow instructions and can’t communicate clearly why would they award a contract and entrust delivery to you?