Sharing understanding and insights and building tendering skills…

TMCS has delivered tendering skills training to over 600 organisations; helping them gain a comprehensive awareness of public sector procurement regimes and what makes for a winning tender.  We deliver training workshops that centre on developing key tendering skills and offer tailored packages that enable providers to build their own in-house specific training programmes.

In practice we review your current tendering skills capacity, discuss priority needs and shape a programme designed to enable you to embed more effective in-house tender management systems and bid writing skills. 

Workshops are delivered by skilled, experienced trainers and are designed to involve participants with differing levels of experience and different roles in relation to building bid submissions. We help everybody involved to improve their skills and to equip providers to embed whole team approach to tendering. TMCS Workshops are supported with full training resources.

So if you are keen to develop your tendering skills take a look at our training offer and see which of these workshops could make a difference to your team’s ability to engage proactively and productively in the tendering process.


TMCS Training Workshops

Getting to Grips with Tendering

Tendering for public sector contracts is a complicated undertaking made more challenging by highly complex procurement regime protocols and regulations... read more >>


Writing Winning Tenders

There are no born bid writers there is an art and a science to writing winning tenders; it’s a craft that uses techniques that with practice will lift your tender scores to a winning level... read more >>


Building Provider Consortium

Sometimes the only way to compete for a contract is as a partnership or consortium. This brings with it a number of challenges. For providers the challenges are those of ensuring equity and mutual accountability... read more >>


Demonstrating Social Value

The Public Services Social Value Act 2012 compels public sector agencies in England to require providers to evidence how in delivering contracts they will make a meaningful measureable... read more >>


Managing Public Sector Contract

The transition from funding with Service Level Agreements to Contracts presents many challenges. Contracts mean stable revenue but demand a highly disciplined approach to performance... read more >>


Making Winning Presentations

Increasingly providers are being required to deliver presentations in support of their tender offer. For many the prospect of delivering a presentation is a daunting one... read more >>


Top Tips for Tendering

It’s a tough old world out there and it’s getting tougher by the day. The competition between providers is intensifying and wining margins are narrowing... read more >>